Emotional Links To Health Complaints

Medical intuitive and author Louise Hay has long believed there is a connection between disease and emotional disharmony. Back in the early 1980’s Louise put forward the hypothesis that AIDS came from feelings of hopelessness and defencelessness.

Studies on the immune system have since confirmed that feelings of hopelessness and inescapable stress, feelings of insecurity and lack of safety in the world lead to a breakdown of the immune system.

What are some emotional issues that may contribute to my ill health?

Below is a small list of some common illnesses and their associated emotional issues

    Alzheimer’s Disease   Anger, hopelessness and helplessness
  Back Pain (Lower)   Fear of money, lack of financial support
  Cancer   Deep hurt, long standing resentment
  Fatigue   Resistance, boredom, lack of love for what one does
  Gallstones   Bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning, pride
  Gout   Impatient, anger
  Heartburn   Fear
  Hyperactive   Fear, feeling pressured and frantic
  Multiple Sclerosis   Mental hardness, iron will, inflexibility
  Osteoporosis   Feeling there is no support left in life
  Overweight   Fear, needing protection, running away from feelings, insecurity, self rejection, seeking fulfilment
  Pain   Guilt, seeking punishment

As you can see from the list above your emotions can, over a period of time, contribute to a variety of health issues.