Capture Your Passion

Noting what delights you about your projects today will keep you interested and engaged for a long time to follow

The initial results of your projects could make you feel optimistic about their outcome today. Your upbeat mood might be the result of your excitement about all the possibilities that await you and the journey your projects may take you on. While this enthusiasm may be present now, you might notice that as you progress in a project your eagerness can wane. Writing a journal entry, a letter to yourself, or even drawing a picture detailing the jubilation you feel today can go a long way toward keeping you motivated for the long term. Not only can this make you even more earnest about diving into your project but it can also serve as a reminder of the passion that inspired you to begin it.

Sometimes we need to have tangible evidence of our passion, particularly when we are caught up in the excitement of the moment. The beauty of our passion is that it a driving force, motivating us to move forward in our lives, taking risks and seeking out new opportunities and potential outlets for our talents. As with everything, though, the zeal with which we start something will eventually change once it becomes routine. Capturing our feelings allows us to preserve the spirit of our passion so that we can revisit it whenever we need to and reignite the spark that set our hearts and minds on fire.